Mandatory Vaccination Schedule (and the exemption process)

In Hungary, there is an age-related mandatory vaccination schedule in place. Vaccinations are mandatory against tuberculosis, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, measles, rubella, mumps, Haemophilus influenzae type B, hepatitis B, Streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumococcus) and varicella.

Kulcsszavak: vaccine, mandatory vaccine, exemption

One can only be exempt from a vaccination due to health reasons, either temporarily or permanently. The procedure for permanent exemption is conducted by the public health authority with territorial jurisdiction. The procedure can be requested by a parent or by the treating physician. The application for exemption must be justified through the medical opinion of the treating physician which must be attached to the application.

Postponed vaccinations must be administered as soon as possible. If a mandatory vaccination is not administered, the public health authority with territorial jurisdiction initiates an administrative procedure of its own motion against the legal representative. Failure to vaccinate may also lead to guardianship procedures, and the child’s exposure to endangerment may be established, and the child may even be removed from the family.

One can only be exempt from a vaccination due to health reasons, either temporarily or permanently. One cannot be exempted from the obligation to be vaccinated for religious reasons.

If the application for exemption and all of its attachments are submitted in full, everything is set for the clarification of the facts and there is no opposing client, the authority will decide within 8 days.

If the application is incomplete or other evidence is necessary to clarify the facts, the authority will conduct the procedure in 60 days.


For a permanent exemption procedure, an application must be submitted by the treating physician, the patient, or the patient's legal representative. The opinion of the treating physician justifying the exemption must be attached.

When submitting the application, a general administrative procedural fee must be paid in the amount of HUF 3000.

Cash and bank transfer are both possible, in the latter case, the fee must be paid to the account of the acting authority. The acting body shall provide information about the detailed terms of payment.

Competent district/regional office based on the permanent address or place of residence.

If you do not agree with the decision of the acting authority, you can bring administrative proceedings against the decision of the acting authority. The appeal procedure must be initiated by an application addressed to the authority that made the contested decision. In its decision, the acting authority will inform you of the detailed conditions of the appeal procedure.

Both legislation and a methodological letter specify the ages when each of these vaccinations must be administered. The primary care physician and the health visitor check the already administered vaccines and the primary care physician decides whether further vaccinations are necessary.

Mandatory vaccinations in Hungary


0–4 weeks

DTaP + IPV + Hib + PCV

2 months

DTaP + IPV + Hib

3 months

DTaP + IPV + Hib + PCV

4 months


12 months


13 months


15 months


16 months

DTaP + IPV + Hib

18 months


6 years

MMR revaccination

11 years

DTaP booster

11 years

Hepatitis B

12 years

Voluntary HPV vaccination

12-year-old girls

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Decree 18/1998 of 3 June 1998 of the Minister of Welfare on epidemiological measures necessary to prevent infectious diseases and epidemics